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Australian Immigration Minister Promises Tough Stand on 457 Visa Scam

Posted : 12-Feb-2014

According to a report, the incumbent Australian immigration minister has proclaimed that he will adopt a tough stand against those exploiting the 457 temporary work permits. Post the right-wing Coalition emerged victorious at the national elections in the month of September this year Scott Morrison, the said minister, became the new immigration minister.

When his party was not in power--in his capacity as an immigration spokesman--Morrison opposed the improvements introduced to the 457 plan by the Labor regime to stop the system’s alleged misuse. He, together with the then chief of the opposition (at the present the Australian premier) Tony Abbott, claimed that since there was no convincing proof of extensive exploitation of the system, it wasn’t essential to bring-in steps to put a stop to the same (system’s misuse).

Unions Criticized Visa Exploitation

Sometime before this year, leading to the general elections, some national unions had alleged that several recruiters/firms were nominating overseas employees for untrained openings, were offering them less than the national labor force, and were by this means disadvantaging the local manpower.

The issue took a political & electoral turn even as the Labor immigration minister informed the media that he considered that close-to 10,000 457 permits, nearly one-tenth of the total, were gained by the system’s misuse. But, the Australian industry associations claimed that the same was not true. The Coalition--as mentioned before at that time in was opposition--criticized the minister’s claims as nothing but petty electoral politics.

No Proof of Abuse

During the month of June, Tony Abbott, at that time the opposition chief, reportedly observed that the despite the fact that the labor minister had claimed that there were close-to 10,000 instances of rorts, he had failed to proffer any proof. He added that in reality, in all probability, there were just 200 such cases every year even as no plan is just what the doctor ordered. He further said that Labor was milking the matter to appear tough on immigration, to capture votes.

The Labor regime brought-in the restructurings of the 457 permit system during the month of June. The major provision of the said act was the introduction of a condition for the recruiters to perform Labour Market Testing (LMT) prior to hiring an overseas worker on a 457 permit.

LMT Ought To Be Brought-in In November

Even though the LMT regime is due to be introduced in November 2013, Morrison, the current immigration minister, has declared that he is eager to remove the obligation which, according to him, would be costly for companies to carry-out & also superfluous.

He, however, also said that he will still come down hard on visa exploitation. In this connection, he informed the media that, in case the 457 scheme is exploited, it will be weakened even as its decisive importance to the nation will be diminished. The minister further said that the national industries and recruiters/firms should assist the administration protect this very important asset for the national economy, via ensuring that the same is employed the way it should be, in the right situations, even while it’s not misused.

The Temporary Work (Skilled) Permit (subcategory 457) enables overseas labor force to do a job in Down Under, if they have sponsorship from an Australian recruiter/company which is duly endorsed by the national immigration organization, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Australian Recruiters/firms ought To Locate Settled Manpower Prior To Nominating

It’s vital that workers are suitably nominated to fill a trained role even while the national recruiters/firms ought to have made efforts and failed to locate a settled national worker to fill the role. A 457 Permit enables its holder to stay in Down Under for a maximum of 4 years. The visa holders may gain admission and go away from the country as frequently as they want, can stay at anyplace across the nation, in case they continue to do a job in the nominated position, & also usher-in their dependent family-members along with them.


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